Sara and I took the girls to have lunch with our friend Shannon today. On the way home, we stopped to do some geocaching.  Lily slept while Sara, Shannon, Eliza and I went out searching. Eliza was having a blast running around outside yelling “Geocaches! I find geocaches!”  When it was time to head home for a nap, Eliza was so upset that geocaching time was over.

I decided on the way home that we would search for more geocaches at home before Eliza took a nap.  I always have a few geocaching containers ready to be hidden if I come across a suitable hiding spot, so I grabbed one and hid it in the house.  I pretended to use my phone as a GPS and pointed Eliza in the right direction.  I hid some in plain sight and some under pillows or blankets or behind furniture, and it never took Eliza more than a minute or two of searching before she had the cache in hand.

We were having so much fun that we nearly forgot about nap time.

I can’t wait until the next time she and I can go geocaching again for real!

One of the joys of motherhood…

IMG_1073(vertical)Baby pee…it’s all a part of motherhood.

Eliza Singing

Here’s a quick clip of Eliza dancing and singing to the song at the end of Pooh’s Heffalump Movie.  Here are the actual lyrics that she’s trying to sing:

We stand shoulder to shoulder
We see eye to eye
We dive deep under water
We jump high in the sky

We stand shoulder to shoulder
We stand side to side
When one of us gets a tiny bit tired
One gives the other a ride

Eliza sings her Dinosaur ABCs

Eliza has been in love with dinosaurs since she started watching the show Dinosaur Train on PBS.  One of the episodes features the dinosaurs memorizing the names of the dinosaur species by singing the ABCs:

A – Apatosaurus
B – Brachiosaurus
C – Corythosaurus
D – Diondocus
E – Einiosaurus
F – Fabrosaurus
G – Gallimimus
H – Hadrosaurus
I – Iguanodon
J – Jaxartosaurus…

You get the point.  The video below is of Eliza singing the Dinosaur ABCs in the kitchen.  Spoiler alert: she only sings about 3 letters and dinosaurs…

Lily Rolls Over

Here is a video of Lily rolling over. While it’s not her first one, still impressive!  The first time she rolled over, from her back to her belly, was on January 12th…then she rolled from her belly to back the following day!  All of this rolling at just 3 1/2 months; Eliza didn’t roll over until she was over 6 months old.  It will be interesting to see how old she is when she starts to crawl and walk.

Too, Dad

Last night I heard Eliza starting to fuss over the monitor. I got up and went into her room expecting that she wanted a pig-tail put back in her hair. Eliza likes to sooth herself by “woodling” her hair. She lightly pulls or plays with a pig-tail and it helps her fall asleep.

I entered her room and, as expected, she wanted a pig-tail in her hair. I put the pig-tail in and tucked her back in. When I was done, I bent over the bed, gave her a kiss on the cheek and said “I love you.” She had a big smile on her face and simply said, “Too, Dad.”


Eliza’s newest thing has been sharing. She has a couple books that introduce the concept of sharing and we have been encouraging her to share toys with her cousin Aden when he comes to visit. Up until recently, she wasn’t all that keen on the idea. That changed as soon as the concept of sharing was related to one of her favorite things…Food.

Last week, I made myself a peanut-butter & banana sandwich (try it, it’s amazing) and Eliza became very interested in what I was eating. I asked her, “Would you like to share some of Dad’s sandwich?” to which she replied “Okay!”  Ever since then whenever Sara or I have food, she puts on her best smile and says “Share Mom!” or “Share Dad!”  And of course we share. How could we resist such an adorable little girl?

Eliza’s interest in sharing extends beyond receiving. She is eager to share her favorite farm animal toys with her little sister even though Lily is a bit too young to appreciate it.


Lily’s umbilical cord fell off last night around 11:30pm. Almost exactly one week after she was born. It was pretty uneventful. Eliza, on the other hand, lost her cord very quickly. We ended up bringing her to the pediatrician to have silver-nitrate swabbed around in her belly button.

Our kids losing their umbilical cord has always given Sara a bit of anxiety. And for good reason since it looks like a big, painful, open wound. It makes me happy that Lily’s experience was much better!

Lily’s Blocked Tear Duct

Our little Lily’s right tear duct is blocked. We noticed some goopy stuff around her eye on Thursday and Sara ended up taking her to the pediatrician on Friday to get it checked out. I guess it’s not a big deal, and it occurs in about 10-15% of newborns. Basic treatment includes washing away the goo with a clean washcloth and clear water, and massaging the path of the tear duct several times a day to help move things along.

If it doesn’t unblock on its own by the time she’s about 9 months old, the doctor will want her to have surgery to open the tear duct up. Hopefully it won’t come to that.

Talk to you all soon!

A place for Eliza and Lily

Welcome friends and family to the Eliza & Lily blog! Our plan is to use this little chunk of the interwebs to tell you all about what is going on with our two amazing daughters. Eliza just turned two, and Lily is a new born. Check back soon for some updates!

Sara holding Eliza & Lily

Sara holding Eliza & Lily